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About Us

INTRODUCTION: Keeping in view of facts relating to the poor health of people of Pakistan, a meagre group of people stepped forward towards the establishment of a “TRUST” named ‘SAVE THE PATIENTS’, in order to become an effective helping hand in the private public domain. Trust’s vision instantaneously emerged to improve health care in Pakistan to provide latest medical facilities available in the world, to the ailing people of Pakistan which are currently inadequate in our beloved country to meet the requirements of the patients.

“SAVE THE PATIENTS” is a registered Trust in Rawalpindi – Pakistan, with a pure motive of Humanitarian Aid. Its prime aim is to muster all its efforts and energy in Health Sector to provide free, adequate and most latest available medical facilities in the world in almost every approachable fields of diseases e.g., Kidney, liver, heart, and cancers etc. Top Priority, hence, of the Trust would be the poor and deserving patients of Pakistan.

“SAVE THE PATIENTS”, firmly believes that access to the basic health facilities is a prime right of every human-being regardless its sex, cast and creed and social status, especially the poor and deserving patients.