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Save The Patients® is a non-governmental and not profit organization, working in Pakistan for the wellbeing of poor, needy and disadvantaged communities. Save The Patients* has implemented some short-term projects in Rawalpindi and Lahore – Pakistan for relief to the poor people. Initially, Save The Patients team has started working for healthcare and education level of people.

It has gained experience on implementing short-term projects through self-support basis. The team members of Save The Patients inspired with smiles on the faces of the poor people. Expanding the work of Save The Patients for the helping Save The Patient poor people, leaders of Save The Patients started raising funds for poor patients living in slum areas of Rawalpindi & Islamabad. Save The Patients team conducted different kinds of activities for the support of people. For instances, the Save The Patients team raised funds from members of Trust and private organizations to provide gifts to the children and people on events like EID and cultural events.

Keeping in view the above deplorable facts relating to the poor health of people of Pakistan, a major group of people stepped forward towards the establishment of a “Trust” named ‘Save The Patients’ in order to become an effective helping hand in the private public domain. Therefore registered “Save The Patients” under Trust ordinance 1882 with a pure motive of Humanitarian Aid.

Basically, Save The Patients was established to muster all its efforts and energy in Health Sector to provide free, adequate and most latest available medical facilities in the world in almost every approachable fields of diseases e.g., Kidney, liver transplant, heart transplant, and cancers etc. Top Priority, henceforth the Trust would be the poor and deserving liver transplant patients of Pakistan.

In Rawalpindi, Save The Patients team conducted the assessment on needs of liver and heart patients and came to know that there is urgent need of medical treatment of some patients to save their lives. The Trust supported 6 patients of Liver and Heart Transplant.