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Mission Statement

To serve and facilitate the under served, underprivileged and deprived population of Pakistan, through provision of health, education and livelihood services.
Its prime aim is to muster all its efforts and energy in Health Sector to provide free, adequate and most latest available medical facilities in the world in almost every approachable fields of diseases e.g., Kidney, liver transplant, heart transplant, and cancers etc.

Inspire breakthrough in the ways the world treat disabled children & to achieve immediate and inspiring change in their lives.

To ensure quality health care as a fundamental right of every individual.

  • Provide free state of the art medical cover without discrimination.
  • Treat all patients with dignity and utmost respect.
  • Provide free medical care and not to turn away any patient due to financial constraints.
  • Opposed to commercialization of medical treatment.
  • Create public awareness in the society at large for prevention of diseases.
  • Carry out research and transfer of technology for better medical care.
  • Enhance the capacity building of medical professionals.
  • Transfer of technology and expertise in various medical disciplines.