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60% of population of Pakistan..

The Economic Survey for 2013-14  revealed that if the poverty line is $2 per day in line with international standards for middle-income countries, then 60.19% of the population fall below poverty line in Pakistan. The survey revealed that this figure is according to the World Bank’s Poverty Head Count Analysis 2014. However, if income per adult in Pakistan is taken as $ 1.25 per day, then 21.04 percent of the population falls below poverty line at 2008 population estimates. The position of poverty in Pakistan is better than India and Bangladesh but Sri Lanka, China and Philippine’s are in a better position than Pakistan. The percentage of population below $2 per day in China is 29.79 percent; Bangladesh 76.54 percent, Indian 68.72 percent, S Lanka 29.13 percent, Nepal 57.25 percent and Philippines is 41.53 percent.

ref: http://goo.gl/QUlHU8