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Useful Links

1 Ministry of Commerce Commerce Division www.moc.gov.pk
2 Cabinet Secretariat Cabinet Division www.cabinet.gov.pk
3 Cabinet Secretariat Establishment Division www.establishment.gov.pk
4 Ministry of Planning and Development Planning and Development Division www.planningcommission.gov.pk
5 Ministry of Communications Communications Division www.communication.gov.pk
6 Ministry of Culture Culture Division www.culture.gov.pk
7 Ministry of Defence Defence Division www.mod.gov.pk
8 Ministry of Defence Production Defence Production Division www.modp.gov.pk
9 Ministry of Economic Affairs and Statistics Economic Affairs Division www.moeas.gov.pk
10 Statistics Division www.statpak.gov.pk
11 Ministry of Education Education Division www.moe.gov.pk
12 Ministry of Environment Environment Division www.moenv.gov.pk
13 Ministry of Finance and Revenue Finance Division www.finance.gov.pk
14 Revenue Division www.cbr.gov.pk
15 Ministry of Food & Agriculture Food and Agriculture Division www.minfal.gov.pk
16 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Foreign Affairs Division www.mofa.gov.pk
17 Ministry of Health Health Division www.health.gov.pk
18 Ministry of Human Rights Human Rights Division www.mohr.gov.pk
19 Ministry of Housing and Works Housing and Works Division www.mohw.gov.pk
20 Ministry of Industries & Production Industries, Production and Special Initiatives Division www.mip.gov.pk
21 Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Information and Media Division www.infopak.gov.pk
22 Ministry of Information Technology IT and Telecom Division www.moitt.gov.pk
23 Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination Inter Provincial Coordination Division www.ipc.gov.pk
24 Ministry of Interior Interior Division www.interior.gov.pk
25 Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Division www.kana.gov.pk
26 www.moka.gov.pk
27 Ministry of Labour & Manpower Labour and Manpower Division www.molm.gov.pk
28 Ministry of Law, Justice & Parliamentary Affairs Law , Justice & Parliamentary Affairs Division www.molaw.gov.pk
29 Ministry of Minorities Minorities Affairs Division www.minorities.gov.pk
30 Ministry of Narcotics Control Narcotics Control Division www.narcon.gov.pk
31 Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis Overseas Pakistanis Division www.moops.gov.pk
32 Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources Petroleum and Natural Resources Division www.mpnr.gov.pk
33 Ministry of Post Postal Service Division www.pakpost.gov.pk
34 Ministry of Ports and Shipping Ports and Shipping Division www.mops.gov.pk
35 Ministry of Privatization Privatization Division www.privatisation.gov.pk
36 Ministry of Railways Railways Division www.railways.gov.pk
37 Ministry of Religious Affairs Religious Affairs and Zakat and Ushr Division www.mora.gov.pk
38 Ministry of Science and Technology Scientific and Technological Research Division www.most.gov.pk
39 Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education Social Welfare and Special Education Division www.moswse.gov.pk
40 Ministry of Sports Sports Division www.sports.gov.pk
41 Ministry of States and Frontier Regions States and Frontier Regions Division www.safron.gov.pk
42 Ministry of Textile Industry Textile Industry Division www.textile.gov.pk
43 Ministry of Tourism Tourism Division www.tourism.gov.pk
44 Ministry of Water and Power Water and Power Division www.mowp.gov.pk
45 Ministry of Women Development Women Development Division www.mowd.gov.pk